Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015: ALEXANDRA POPESCU

reporter/photographer: Miguel Dominguez

Alexandra Popescu York is a Romanian born and New York based visual artist. Her Spring/Summer 2015 line was unveiled at Couture Fashion Week New York, held on September 7th at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan.

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015: SORELLE IULIUCCI

reporter/photographer: Miguel Dominguez

Atelier Sorelle Iuliucci Spring/Summer 2015 line was unveiled at Couture Fashion Week New York, held on September 7th at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan.


reporter/photographer: Miguel Dominguez

September 9th was the date when Lladró Atelier unveiled the latest figurine by Paul Smith in their Guest series.

Originally created by Jaime Hayon for Lladró Atelier, this particular figurine is an invitation to cutting edge artists to create a distinctive personality for this porcelain character. Each artist's version is numbered in a limited edition, hand crafted by Lladró artists in Valencia, Spain.

Monday, October 13, 2014

ANDY GOLUB: Street Art

reporter/photographer: Miguel Dominguez

Thursday night is the traditional gallery opening night in the Chelsea Art District of New York, when  a sizable number of galleries create a Fair like atmosphere offering new art to admire, with throngs of art lovers hopping from venue to venue as part of a unique socio/cultural event.

On September 11th, as I got to the heart of the district at the corner of 11th Avenue and 23rd street, I bumped into notorious (and to some, infamous) bodypainting artist Andy Golub, with some of his models in the midst of creating some much needed street art in an area where all of it is kept indoors. It was a much appreciated welcome to a very busy night of gallery reporting.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

...INTERRUPTION: Hans Kotter Light Sculptures

reporter/photographer: Miguel Dominguez

On September 11, De Buck Gallery arranged an exhibition entitled ...Interruption, by Hans Kotter, light sculptor.

Centered around the dramatic installation, Big Bang...Interruption, Kotter's first solo exhibition with De Buck Gallery since the 2011 Light Sensitive, shows a marked evolution in the artist's work, especially in his increased utilization of three-dimensionality. Arrows of light shoot from illuminated surfaces, complimenting the illusions created by reflections of light throughout the artwork.

BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH: Three Charity Auctions of Ball, Barcelona, and Hanging Bubble Chairs


The top of the line furniture retailer, Regency Shop arranges three topical auctions from October 1 to 31st October, 2014 to help breast cancer research.

October 7, 2014. October is the authority Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and furniture retailer, Regency Shop will take an interest in the development with a philanthropy auction. The store has chosen to backing the social reason while giving fantastic solace and extravagance. It has composed three topical auctions from October 1 to 31st October, 2014 to urge individuals to demonstrate their backing for breast cancer survivor and win a la mode, comfortable lounge seats.