Monday, September 2, 2013

JOHN LYLE New Designs in Luxury Furniture

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

John Lyle shows off his wall sculptures and a
treasure of a side table with a quartz top

John Lyle is a sculptor/designer who specializes in luxurious appointments for the home. Most of his pieces, including furniture, are hand made of metal (he's very partial to bronze), but he also likes to play with more organic materials such as shagreen and linen on some of his pieces.

So, on July 24, Holly Hunt, the showroom where some of his work is on display, had a rather intimate (read exclusive) presentation, unveiling his newest designs for his friends on the trade.

I could've sworn it's marble, but John himself
told me it was actually stained parchment

Jennifer Matthews, Group Publisher of the three Cottages & Gardens publications, New York,
Hamptons, and Connecticu
t, just had to attend to celebrate John's new designs

Gail Shields Miller, John, and Jennifer at the far right

"Southern Tea" was the theme for the delicious refreshments by caterers Sonnier & Castle

I am so sure that John dressed the way he did, just to
match his linen cubes in case someone with a camera
would catch him

John Greets Shane D Inman, as Carl Lana and Patrick J Hamilton comment on the side

Simple, elegant, minimalistic commode features
shagreen on the front

Annie Redd, Heather Harrison Moran, and Andrew Joseph, publicist of the wonderful event

Ivory shagreen covers every surface of this table

Matthew KusniarPatrick J Hamilton, with High End Weekly blogger
Vyna St Phard, Shane and Andrew

Buzz Kelly and Matthew Quigg

Connie Lee, in the summery blue dress, mingles

John with John Douglas Eason

Andrew samples the superb munchies

Rio Hamilton interviews John

Alison Prussing was excellent providing and endless
supply of Sidecars. Only one was needed to get
everyone reeling. Two would have put most guests
under any of the beautiful tables on display

 Carl Lana, Heather, Annie, and Damon Crain

Vyna with John


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