Saturday, July 28, 2012


reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Sponsors of the event were Grant Hewitt, founder of Hudson Sutler, Susan Meyer, CEO of JP Crikets,
and Colin PG Hunter, Alton Lane CEO
This year, the upcoming 28th Annual Harriman Cup Polo Match will be on Saturday, September 8th at the Meadowbrook Polo Club.

For this reason, on July 18th, Alton Lane and The Harriman Cup Board invited a choice gathering of friends and customers to an evening of complimentary specialty cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and curated fashion looks for followers of "The Sport of Kings."

The Harriman Cup Board - Kourtney Koslosky, Matt Baer, Matt Paco, Elizabeth Kennedy with David Walentas, one of the two 2012 Harriman Cup Award honorees, and also Courtney Schaefer and Nellie Black 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

RACHAEL SAGE at the Pink Elephant

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Terrific poet, vocalist, singer/songwriter, producer, actor and visual artist as well as a longtime record label owner (she founded MPress Records in 1996), Rachael Sage had a wonderful party on June 25th, at The Pink Elephant, the sort of "A feast for the Senses" cabaret/lounge that can only be described as a head-on collision between Hollywood and Las Vegas.

The reason for the celebration was Rachael's promotion of the release of her latest album Haunted By You. A select group of admirers and friends were present to enjoy the album songs she performed with her accompanist of choice, Ward Williams. I felt privileged to be included in the group

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Auctioning the Estate of ZELDA KAPLAN

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

On July 10th, Hutter Auction Galleries had their preview of the estate of Zelda Kaplan

Zelda Kaplan was a New York's art, nightclub, and fashion socialite. She often frequented popular New York nightclubs until closing. Her favorite nightclub outfits were matching African-print dresses, handbags, shoes, and a tall cloth hat.

She was a philanthropic and humanitarian activist, frequently traveling to Africa to speak out against female genital mutilation and to campaign for the right of women to inherit; in 1995 she spoke to villages in South Africa about birth control.

PURE SPACE by Jennifer Post Book Signing

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

July 11th. Ligne Roset on the corner of Wooster and Houston in Soho, was the place to be for all of those who find peace and serenity by way of Contemporary Minimalism in their living Space.

Published by Rizzoli Books, Pure Space showcases interiors that reflect Designer Jennifer Post’s “pure space” philosophy: a quiet, organized space that offers a peaceful break from a busy world. From lofts in New York City to Miami high-rises to Palm Beach villas, each interior is immaculately conceived, detailed, and constructed—the epitome of pure, tailored Modernism.

What better place to showcase Pure Space than at Ligne Roset,
the impressive furniture loft where Modernists can romp around as if in a candy store

Sunday, July 8, 2012

SHOEBOX STUDIO by Stephane Coutelle Book Signing

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Stephane Coutelle

On June 21st, at Clic Bookstore & Gallery, Stephane Coutelle was at hand to sign his latest book release Shoebox Studio, featuring haunting, plain portraits (no make-up, hairstyling or even fancy lighting) of achingly young, aspiring models upon their first arrival to Paris.

This book follows the previous publication of Me Myself and I, a self portrait photo book. Other photo projects include Insommies (2010 − 2012), The Corner (1998 − 2002), and Three Sisters (1989 − 1995.)

French photographer and painter, Stephane is renown for his glorious female portraits. He has very successfully combined Fine Art with a commercial career, focusing on Photograpy for the last ten years, which has stablished him as one of the Beauty and Fashion Industry’s leading photographers.

Stephane with some of his fellow co-workers

JEEVES Services - As Close to Curatorial As One Can Get!


Gerald von Pozniak, General Manager

For over 31 years, Jeeves has been serving the New York City community. When founded in 1969 in New York City, there was no luxury dry cleaner. In the beginning, Jeeves was the only luxury dry cleaning brand in New York, but the previous owners lost focus and a few couture cleaners entered the marketplace. Jeeves advantage now is that they continue to offer the most customized personalized service. The most trends in the luxury market are for "hand crafted luxury goods." Jeeves concentrates on the hand-craftsmanship in the cleaning of couture, bespoke and wedding dresses.


reporter: Miguel Dominguez

On June 19th, I had the great pleasure of being invited to the promo event for Savage Senses, a business project that collaborates with artisans and business owners from all over the planet to reveal the beauty in nature and raw materials. Savage Senses puts 10% of all its sales towards environmental and social concerns.

Naturally, what other place could be better for this happening to take place than Environment Furniture, the very Green conscious store that specializes in the sale of furniture made from reclaimed materials.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Peter Dugovic in front of two pieces from his very popular series of oils
I was just about the first to arrive at Clic Book Store & Gallery on June 14th for the opening of City Light Signs, the art exhibit of oil paintings by Peter Dugovic, and therefore had plenty of time and space to really peruse the wonderful visuals on the walls, not to mention the impressive selection of art books that could equal anything by Rizzoli or Taschen.

Monday, July 2, 2012

RIVER CLARK Photo Exhibit

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Photographer/Artist River Clark shows off his most fave image of the exhibit

It was an art opening as they should be. A select group of friends (mostly from the recording industry) celebrating the accomplishments of one of their own, in a very elegant venue, to enjoy the kind of beautiful Photo-Art one would expect to see in a collector's home rather than just a magazine, ad, or music CD cover.

It all took place on June 18th, at the Brasserie Beaumarchais, just around the corner from the southernmost entrance to the High Line Park, and the Photographer/Artist in question is River Clark, who is really gifted depicting the female form in the art of Pin-Up.

Wondering if River used real milk to float those ladies in the photo

Sunday, July 1, 2012

THE BEATLES ON THE ROAD 1964-1966 by Harry Benson - book signing

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Photographer Harry Benson about to add another
feather to the cap of his illustrious career

Taschen Books had good cause to celebrate on June 6th, when legendary Harry Benson was present in their New York store to promote and sign a luxury, limited edition of The Beatles On The Road 1964-1966, along with limited edition signed photos featured in the book.

70s Cover Girl Model/Actress/Publicist Debbie Dickinson displays a double spread foldout of John, George, Ringo and Paul portraits