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reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Staley Wise Gallery was the place to be on the night of May 30th.

With famous models all over the place and well known fashion photographers vying with each other to be photographed with Ellen Von Unwerth, with luminaries such as Ed Razek, the CEO of Victoria's Secret, and Graylen, Clint Eastwood's granddaughter, arriving with her Mom Laura, who looked mind blowingly impressive like a Movie Star, plus Photo Legend Harry Benson taking a thorough gander at Ellen's work, the event was the sort of fashion party the general public only gets to see in films.

Taki Wise and Etheleen Staley flank Ellen

Ellen von Unwerth was born in Germany in the mid 1950s. She worked in a circus as assistant to the knife thrower and worked as a model after being discovered walking down the street in her native Munich. Von Unwerth’s fashion work is published in American, Italian, and British Vogue, Interview, and Vanity Fair. Her books include Snaps, Wicked, Couples, Olga, and Fräulein. 

Laura Eastwood, daughter in law to Clint Eastwood, and her daughter Graylen with Ellen in the middle

Laura, whom Ellen shot for her book Fräulein, shows camera shy
Ellen's husband how to be cute for a portrait.
(So shy, he wouldn't even give me his name!)

Ellen with model/photographer René Bosne

In this exhibition of black and white and color photographs, Ellen von Unwerth dazzles with a parade of girls who run the gamut from innocent to naughty. Sex is in the forefront: fetishistic, humorous, romantic, decadent, and erotic. Fashion and fantasy are combined in von Unwerth’s vision of girls having fun: with us, with each other and with the unseen viewer who they tease, taunt, and provoke.

Model Coco Roena mugs for Ellen's self portrait

These photographs capture the female version of the sexual provocateur, not so much the object of lust but the playful instigator. The ingredients include masks and hi hats, a bit of bondage, black stockings, black cats, pink tulle and strawberries, combining the dark and dangerous along with the fun and games of contemporary life in the fast lane.

Ellen poses with Harry Benson

Harry Benson about to page through Ellen's photo book Fräulein

Taz Fustok

Ellen and photographer Richard Warren

Graylen and Mom Laura get shot by Ellen along with actress Christa B. Allen

Twins Angela And Katherine Sloan, fashion bloggers, the perfect bookends framing Ellen

 Photographer Pat Kurs

Syrie Moskowitz, wearing a turquoise necklace, blocking model Tali Lennox, Annie's daughter, in a blue hat

Ed Razek, Victoria's Secret CEO,  embraces Ellen

Ellen with photographer Stan Wan

Fashion stylist (obviously!) Catherine Wright

Models Hailey Clauson and Tali Lennox, on the left shot.
actress in starz original series Magic City, on the right

Mail order bride Lera Loeb with models Tatiana Likhina and Kristina Lezhedekova

Kristina, Tatiana, and Katherine paging through Ellen's book Fräulein

Here Ellen poses with Raquel Navé

Rebecca Fourteau and Mom embrace

Rebecca and Ellen with Ashley Smith

Even when sticking her tongue out, Camille Rowe looks as beautiful as in her photo
with the cat. What a shame she wasn't eating any blue candy or slurpy at the time

Sweethearts Camille with vocalist/songwriter Andrew VanWyngarden

Yelena Deineko, Spirit & Flesh Magazine Creative Director

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