Friday, April 13, 2012

CAFE UN DEUX TROIS 35th Anniversary

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Cognac Wellerlane of Cognac's Corner Magazine, working it with owners of
Café Un Deux Trois George Guenancia on the left, and Gerald Blanes, right.

Celebrities from New York’s finest social, fashion, radio, theater and entertainment circles came out to ring in a landmark anniversary date on April 1, 2012, when Café Un Deux Trois celebrated its’ 35 years of success. In this special anniversary, the legendary restaurant invited legendary friends to the restaurants capacity by reservation only, to celebrate with them with dinner at 1977 prices and complimentary champagne.

Gerard and Family

The restaurant has become one of the best kept secrets in brasseries. A partnership of George Guenancia and Gerard Blanes, it’s the hall of fame restaurant since April 1, 1977. Located right off Times Square, in the heart of the Broadway Theater District, the “Theater & Dining” patrons mix with international well heeled tourists, sports stars, executive Conde Nast and New York Times Editors, MTV and HBO entertainment and financial moguls, top models and Broadway celebrities.

Jason Feinberg, of Anton News and Boulevard Magazine with
supermodel from the 70s, Debbie Dickinson and George

Fox TV News anchor Eric Shawn with wife and son Lisa and Oliver, share a table
with actor Evan Lagache and his Mom, Debbie

Toby Erzan Kirvca and Actor Robert Klein

Fashion designer Loris Diran and associate Robert Pendleton with
"Russian Dolls" Rabbi Tobi Rubenstein Schneier in the middle

Jeff Savor and Rhyn McLenore

Gerard and record producer Alex Masucci

Owner’s George Guenancia and Gerard Blanes originally from Algeria when it was France owned, relocated to New York via Paris. The partners designed this glamorous hot spot from the original Hotel Gerard that has people flocking to their location for the last three decades. Designed by Pierre Hittier, special features include: original detailed mosaic flooring, globe lighting fixtures, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite Order Columns, Crystal Chandeliers, cozy deep seated leather banquettes and 18 ft. glass windows for seasonal airy dining. It all re-creates a late 19th century, comfortable atmosphere which is very conductive to leisure dining.

Coco Mitchell, Sonja Senhouse, Sevaria Hendrix and Jordan

Debbie with Ashley Parker, Haute Living Magazine's editor/writer/stylist

Executive chef Luis Gonzales blends his de rigueur restaurant training creating treasured special recipes, freshest haute gourmet organic ingredients and serving original cuisine that is found in a typical Parisian style brasserie. Since January, the restaurant has been offering special menus to commemorate this great longstanding business feat in the restaurant industry, such as 70’s Disco clientele requests from Studio 54, featuring Harvey Wallbangers and Tequila Sunrises for brunch served with granola, eggs Benedict in crepes and side dishes of faro, barley, spelt and quinoa; 80’s commencement of Nouvelle Cuisine and vertical food stacks; 90’s dishes from Provence that highlight the Mediterranean trend of lavender, rosemary, prosciutto, Serrano Ham, provincial olives, harissa (Sun dried Tomatoes) and Cous Cous, among others.

Gerard has something to sing about for his restaurant's 35th Anniversary...Success!

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Linda Morand said...

greate reportage. Wish I had known about it. I was friends with George in the 70s and introduced him to Laurel Lee, his first wife.