Saturday, June 30, 2012

NANCY C. DONAHUE & HARRY KING'S Annual Fashion Reunion 2012

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Party Hosts Harry King and Nancy C. Donahue

It was just a gathering of old friends having a good time and reminiscing.

Did we have a lot of fun!

Nancy and Harry with gorgeous Kim Alexis

Harry clamping on to one of the most desirable ladies of the evening.
Did I just imply that aristocratic Linda Morand is something naughty? 

Make Up Artist Bobby Butz, Photographer Johnny Rozsa, legendary Beauty Mage Joey Mills ,
and Scooter LaForge, Artist and creator of hand painted garments at Patricia Field

Nancy with Photographer Sunny Bak

Tony Spinelli as classic and elegant as ever with Kim Alexis, who has the most perfect set of teeth I've ever seen on anyone, and Joey Mills, as Photographer Clayton Nelson peeks in the background

Style Guru Freddy Lieba and Scooter

Kim insists on dazzling everyone with her neon smile as
Nancy's attention to my camera gets distracted

Creative Director Barry Weinbaum and Harry with Lisa Crosby, Lady Liliana Cavendish and Joey

Joey Hunter, Harry and Linda

Nancy, Kelly Emberg and Joey, who judging by all the pix I took of him throughout the evening,
was really whooping it up!

Barry, Photographer Joseph Keller and Joey

Kim and Nancy as bookends for Edward Tricomi

Harry with Olive Head and friend

It was a real Fab Bash. Thanks!
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