Sunday, April 28, 2013

BERT STERN: ORIGINAL MAD MAN Photo Exhibit and Documentary Celebration

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

On April 4th at the Staley Wise Gallery in SoHo, a celebration took place to promote the documentary Bert Stern: Original Mad Man by Shannah Laumeister, honoring Bert Stern, a former art director who turned photographer because he couldn't get the images he wanted for his ads. This decision not only made him one of the most highly regarded photographers in the history of commercial photography, but allowed him the unforgettable distinction of being the last photographer to shoot Marilyn Monroe before her tragic demise.

Documentary Director/Producer Shannah Laumeister and her hubby Bert Stern

Gallery Directors Etheleen Staley and Taki Wise get a good grip on camera grumpy Bert

Shannah and Taki admiring one of Bert's photos
as Pat Kurs, to the left, looks on

Bert signs a magazine article for very appreciative artist Peter Max

Supermodel Linda Morand with Hair Genius Harry King

Photographer Carol Friedman and Artist Louise Masano

Harry and Etheleen

Photographer Theresa Keil with Creative Directors Barry Weinbaum and David Frank Ray

Taki Wise with Ellen Von Unwerth, whose photo exhibit
Playdate is scheduled to follow Bert's on May 30th

Linda, David, and Harry with a hysterical Theresa in the background

Barbara with Harry

Bert and Model/Actress Debbie Dickinson having a chat

Bert and Harry communicate

David bookended by twins Angela and Katherine Sloan, both writers
of Closet Space, the fashion section of the internet magazine Spaces

Barry and Harry with Pat Kurs and Tony Meduri

Barbara Camp and Louise Masano caught in
the act of committing a serious social "Faux Pas"

Debbie having her "MM Moment"

Shannah and Bert, the Stars of the evening

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