Saturday, May 4, 2013

HEIRLOOM MODERN by Hollister and Porter Hovey - Book Signing Super Bash

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Written by Hollister Hovey, Photographed by Porter Hovey

On April 11th at Anthropologie, the Hovey sisters, Hollister and Porter, had the book signing of their newly Rizzoli published book Heirloom Modern in an event that for all intents and purposes had the feel—and crowds—of a street fair.

Hollister and Porter Hovey

It was the biggest and most festive book signing I ever attended. It was NOT a promotional event at all, but an all out party that just went on and on without let up. I am so sure that the sparkling wine being served without the slightest pause had a lot to do with it. And the pastries? Birds of prey would have been shamed by the enthusiastic reception the macaroons got.

Hollister Hovey is the creator of the history-laden lifestyle blog, "Hollister Hovey." Porter Hovey is a photographer and interior decorator. They are the founders of Hovey Design. Their nostalgic aesthetic has been featured many times in the New York Times, as well as in House Beautiful, Domino, and Design Sponge.

Hollister and Porter Hovey are proponents of an aesthetic that integrates nostalgia, adventure, and history into the home. In this book, the sisters reveal the model ships, antique book collections, and vintage Vuitton trunks that fill the homes of today’s chicest heirloomists and flea-market lovers, and give readers a feast of this eclectic, aesthetic. 

This book opens up the homes of individuals and couples to show how they use décor to give their residences a sense of history and autobiography. The Hoveys venture into the apartments, cottages, and townhouses of artists, architects, designers, furniture makers, and landscape designers, who seamlessly integrate inherited keepsakes, tag sale curiosities, collections and memorabilia, and contemporary art. Inspiring in its eclecticism, this book introduces readers to a new kind of modern.

As if the book signing bash wasn't enough, the Hoveys had an after party planed for close friends at the 69th Regiment Armory. Having just met me for the first time that evening, Hollister was incredibly gracious in inviting me along.

Walter "Monty" Montagno with Porter and Louis K. Milgram

Porter with Jack Whitt

Porter with Nick Armstrong and Jon Adler

To see more photos of this event, CLICK HERE

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