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reporter: Miguel Dominguez

On February at the Episcopal Actors Guild, located  at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, but more lovingly known as "The Little Church Around The Corner," Actress/Songstress  Myriam Phiro arranged for a performance with friend musicians to promote her newly published music CD My Reverie.

Going to Myriam Phiro's CD release party was a treat. The way the whole evening was put together showed an attention to detail that translated the artist's commitment to her vision. Myriam Phiro is not only a singer, she is a real artist. Her voice translates the tones of an era and the emotions that go with it. With the chosen songs, Myriam Phiro was re enacting a mixture between Edith Piaf and Marilyn Monroe; deep, powerful, fun and sexy all at once.

When she performs a song, she embodies the story and the related characters. She knows how to perform a song. Her voice, mixed with her sparkling presence, make her a unique and charming performer.

The evening was not only a beautiful celebration of the songs from "My Reverie" and beyond, but a benefit for the Episcopal Actors Guild—a charity that helps NYC's performers in need—and being also an actress, it was important for Myriam to connect the 2 passions that initially brought her to NYC, and to ensure that others can benefit from this. Thanks to the audience's generosity, the Episcopal Actors Guild raised around $500. Un grand merci!

Myriam's accompanists Ron Jackson, Luiz Ebert, Dan Martinez, Robert Bosscher, with Myriam at center

Praising her colleagues—"I've played all over the city with Ron Jackson, the guitarist who for about a year now taught me a lot of what I know about jazz, and through him I met Robert Bosscher (Pianist). The other Two, Dan Martinez (Bassist) and Luiz Ebert (Drummer) came through other gigs, as well as  the bassist who recorded the CD, Eduardo Belo, who was not present at the show." NYC really does have the best calibre when it comes down to musicians so I am extremely grateful to be backed up by such an amazing team!"

Myriam elaborates on her choice of songs:

"I recorded an EP as a sort of "demo" of the different genres I specialize in; picking songs that have been very significant to me in my career development, as well as in my Life in general (Ex: "Mon mec a moi" was the first song I ever sang, "My Childhood" was the first song I sang in NYC, "Non je ne regrette rien" is a tribute to Edith Piaf; my lifetime inspiration. Since there are more than 6 songs that changed my life as a performer, I decided to present them at the CD Release Party; themed with a "My Reverie and the songs beyond" flair. Among them was a few songs from the american songbook, some french classics and of course the songs from the CD. I picked songs that made my career alive in NYC as well as some new ones that people are not used to hear me sing. The evening was a bit of a celebration of my latest accomplishments and the ones to come."
—Myriam Phiro

Besides her accompanists, Myriam also asked other friend musicians to be part of the performance.
Damian Boucher (Violin), Ron, Luiz, Dominique Gagne (Flute),Myriam,
Dan, Robert, and Benjamin Ickies (accordion)

For those who couldn't attend and would like to receive Myriam's CD, please visit Stay tuned for more extravaganza in the coming months!

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