Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: KATYA ZOL

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Mongol designer Katya Zol chose to go with cashmere for her spring collection. It was a touch of luxury not necessarily needed, but very much appreciated, for her far too few, already simple and elegant designs. Quality always shows.

Her show was arranged by Couture Fashion Week, taking place at the New Yorker Hotel on September 8th.

Recently, Katya Zol was the first Mongolian designer to present her collection in a major fashion event in Malaysia. She launched her online boutique in 2010 worldwide, which has seen great success and a fan base eager for her latest creative ideas. Her designs were recently featured in Cosmopolitan magazine.

To see more of Katya's designs Fall/Winter 2013, click on the link for published article:


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