Sunday, October 20, 2013

CARTER SMITH Fashion Designs

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

On September 12th at Le Midi Bistro, designer Carter Smith had the runway show of his latest designs. Then, on October 17th at the Dejavu Boutique branch on the Upper East Side, he had a more leisured presentation for the press. 

Carter Smith has been creating museum quality shibori fabrics for over 47 years. Shibori is an elaborate technique involving pleating and tying fabric then applying dyes in layers.

Carter's shibori pieces have been exhibited in galleries and museums in the US and many foreign countries, including Japan, Korea, and New Zealand.

His designs have been copied by the top designers around the world. He has invented a whole new way of constructing and putting clothing together based on squares and rectangles to create shapes that are simple but elegant in a manner that drapes and flatters all shapes and sizes.

Putting on his clothes is paramount to attaching the wing of butterflies to a woman’s spirit and uplifting and flattering beyond traditional fashion.

His one-of-a-kind hand dyed silks incorporated into his original bias designs create unique and timeless garments that truly support and enhance the beauty in every woman who wears, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Sara Jessica Parker, Aretha Franklin, and Alicia Keys.

Each piece of silk is dyed independently and upon completion is then chosen to be a particular garment based on the pattern design and colors. They are all created by his seamstresses in his studio.

Carter is also very fond of digital printing on fabric. He likes to photograph people, pets and articles from nature, and then alters the shape and color of the images using a photo editing application

Carter also designs fabrics specifically for the
Home Decor Industry, such as rugs and drapes

“I prepare and dye each piece of silk, enough for
one outfit at a time. Each garment is then hand
crafted by one of the seamstresses in my studio.”
—Carter Smith

Publicist of the event Debbie Dickinson with Composer/Koto
player Yumi Kurosawa, who provided the music for the show at
Le Midi Bistro, and Carter

Debbie with Carter and Andy Song, owner of Le Midi Bistro,
who provided the premises for the runway show

Sponsors for the press presentation at Dejavú Boutique were Voga Wines and Café Fresco

Carter and Debbie

Spectators at Le Midi Bistro

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