Saturday, December 6, 2014

HOLIDAY HOUSE 2014: Gala Night

reporter/photographer: Miguel Dominguez

Iris Dankner, with Honoree Myra J. Biblowit, President of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF),
and Co-chair of Holiday House, Christopher Hyland, giving a cheer to the guests at the event.

November 19 was the night of the Opening Gala at Holiday House NYC.

Everybody's mood and behavior was like that of one big family reunion on New Years Day. Great, great fun was had by all, especially me. It was one of those events where photographing the revelers really added to the merriment, not just for me, but for all of my subjects as well.

Barbara Schorr, Holiday House Director of Production and Events,
handing out rose buds to the participating designers of the show house

This is the fifth year Traditional Home magazine
has been the national media sponsor of this event 

Christopher Hyland and Holiday House Design Chairman Mario Buatta

Thomas Preti was the evening's caterer

Lunares provided the beautiful serving ware used by the caterer

Myra and Iris

Champagne Joy with husband Michael Hall

Christopher with Holiday House Design Chairman Alexa Hampton 

As Patrick James Hamilton remarked when describing Michael Tavano, Caleb Anderson,
and himself in this photo op: "Were ready for the Prom now"

Rio Hamilton, whose bow tie and jacket I very badly wanted to steal, with Iris and Alexa 

Rose Hartman with Cristina Juarez

Designer bundle Kara, Caleb, Michael , Ally Coulter, Patrick, and Natalie Kraiem

Alyson Liss and Joan Dineen

Gwen Marcus

Amy Lau, who made extensive use of Baccarat crystal in her room, and Baccarat representative
Serniqua Dogherty, making sure they went down perfect on the shot

Ultra photogenic and always ultra glamorous Ally does a Zorba
number for the camera as pianist/vocalist Chris Gillespie poses on

AmyLau poses with Mom and Christopher

Serniqua takes a personal snap with Michael and Ally

Mario checking out Dee Dee Taylor's beautiful dress as Iris gives perfect face for my camera

Carleton Varney clutches his security cushion
while being interviewed by The Editor at Large

Rio and Alexa

Young Huh,  Alexa, Mario, Christopher and Jean Shafiroff

Michael Tavano on the left, and Guillaume Gentet at right

Roric Tobin, Justin Concannon and Holiday House Design Chairman Geoffrey Bradfield

Ally and Christopher dancing to the live music of
the Chris Gillespie trio Ally provided for her room

Amy with her associates Juliana Possess and Maggie Dorobczynska

The evening's D.J

Iris with Head & Hand PR Publicist Katharina Plath on the right

Andrew Joseph and Gregory Allen Cramer chatting away

Cathleen Studdiford, owner of CC Ford Group, and Kristen Robertiello flank Amy, with her mom on the far left

Rio, Ally, and Daniel Lombardi of Fendi

Ally with Dakota Jackson

Julie Schuster, Suzanne Eason, Nicole Gary, and Silvina Leone with Gregory Allan Cramer  in the center

Gregory Allan Cramer with John Douglas Eason as Iris peeks from the background

Restauranteur Lolo Manso of Socarrat Restaurants

Robert and Judith Farber

Eric Vincent takes wife Ally for a make believe Vespa ride around the seven hills of Rome

Mario with Michael Cabe of Steinway Pianos


Sponsors of Holiday House NYC 2014

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