Thursday, September 24, 2015

ART HEARTS FASHION: House of Byfield

reporter/photographer: Miguel Dominguez

On Septembet 17th, at the Refectory of The Highline Hotel, Art Hearts Fashion, The Biggest Name In New York Fashion Week showcased 7 designers.

Art Hearts Fashion was in full swing dominating NYFW with their second day of shows. With NYFW events taking place throughout the city, Art Hearts Fashion is one event that continues to showcase the strongest designers of the season. After opening day at Grand Central Station, Art Hearts Fashion showcased 7 designers at the High Line Hotel on Tuesday, September 17th.

House of Byfield brought innovative floral splash patterns to menswear this season. Men and women's leather bags by Carat23 brought trench coat looks to a whole new level.


Art Hearts Fashion is produced by Erik Rosete and ParkerWhitaker Productions

The upcoming Art Hearts Fashion LA will be held in Los Angeles October 5-10th 2015.

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