Tuesday, August 20, 2013


reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Marcela Marcuzzi and Mora Barber, Multimedia artists, with photographer Marina Font

“Norte & Sur: From the Interior” is an exhibition of mixed media art by Argentine artists Marcela Marcuzzi and Mora Barber which took place at the Consulate General of Argentina on June 12th.

At the same time, Marina Font was exhibiting IMPRINTED, a collection of hauntingly beautiful and moody photographs

General Council of Argentina José Luís Perez Gavilondo introduces the artists

Marcela Marcuzzi, Mora Barber

Marcela and Mora's artwork consists of creating painterly images that one only realizes to be a collage of all kinds of textiles upon very close inspection. Threads, appliqués, died cloth, bits of lace—sawn both by hand and sawing machine—along with stamped and painted surfaces create a dreamlike iconography that is both very feminine and fantastical.

Born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1970, Marina Font studied design, sculpture, and photography at the Escuela de Artes Visuales Martin Malharro, Argentina. She moved to the United States in 1996. In the summer of 1998 she studied photography at Speos Ecole de la Photographie in Paris. She earned a MFA in Photography from Barry University, 2009. Marina lives and works in Miami Beach.

Marina has exhibited as part of several group shows at The Boca Raton Museum, The Appleton Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami; Museum of Florida Art, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, and Centro Cultural Espanol Miami.  She has also exhibited at Espacio Foto Arte, Uruguay; Dot Fiftyone Gallery, and Dina Mitrani Gallery, who represents her work in Miami.

She was awarded “Best in Show” at Biennial Six - Museum of Florida Art; 2012 Florida Individual Artist Fellowship Grant Finalist and Photoclucida’s Critical Mass Finalist, 2012.

Marina Font

 "Women are the keepers of the culture, bearing tradition on our shoulders. As an immigrant woman, I believe that memories are the foundation of the human mind, and a recurrent place to go when redefining our identities." 

"Although the mind’s drawers, filled with the mute tumult of memories, are not always open, certain objects, a song, a poem or even a particular scent, have the ability to conjure them back. I photograph objects that evoke a particular place or story in order to explore ideas about identity, gender, territory, and language."

"The immigrant memories, more associated with a distant place, “there and then”, establish a dialog with traditions of the adopted homeland, “here and now”, thus attaining a new significance, exploring the contrast across boundaries and creating a seamless pot of identity."
— Marina Font

Also at the Consulate the TANGO event took place on July 21. CLICK HERE to read the article.


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