Monday, August 5, 2013

SUMMER SIGHTS Group Art Exhibit

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Even when looking at it live, I was shocked when told this piece of
sculpture by Randall Rosenthal was carved from a single block of wood
and not a mixed media pastiche of real objects

Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, which specializes handling photorealistic and hyperrealistic art, had a truly impressive art show exhibiting the work of several artists on June 6th.

Very Renaissance

Gallery Director Frank Bernarducci being interviewed with artist Tjalf Sparnaay

Tjalf  intriguing piece looks for all the world like a Vermeer wrapped in plastic

Hilo Chen by his artwork

Tjalf Sparnaay discusses his art piece with Hilo Chen

Raphaella Spence

Roberto Bernardi

Another spectacular piece by Tjalf Sparnaay

Mel Ramos

How big will the pup grow?

Walter Robinson, Editor in chief at artnet magazine, showing off his cookies

Walter, Gallery Director Marina Press, and Leonard Koscianski

Bertrand Meniel

Leonard Koscianski

Cheryl Kelley

Nathan Walsh

Portrait by Park Hyung Jin

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