Monday, May 5, 2014

Cocktails at St. Regis with Jacob&Co.

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

On April 25th, the St. Regis Hotel, one of the premier luxury hotels in New York City, arranged and hosted a small, intimate cocktail reception for the presentation of Jacob&Co. jewelers.

Guest were treated to a glimpse of  the beautiful fashion items these two companies had to offer, while enjoying the generous selection of wines and spirits and the superb quality hors d'eouvres from St. Regis' catering service.

Rodney Post, flanked by models

Models with Nancy and Ken Ratzan

Carol Blackburn with Linda Vilensky

Barbara Camp sneaking herself an oyster

Barbara with Tena Davies

Darlene Orlov and Mom Evelyn with Brian Valenza and  Helen Kim

It's Ken's turn now to go for the oysters!

 Helen, Amy Litzenberger, Sarah Kechejian, and Christina Getz

Rumi Tran and James Wxg

David Zoll with Joyce Towbin

Bespoke, the official magazine of the St. Regis Hotel

Craig Rizzieri of Jacob&Co. shows a diamond bracelet to Estelle

Darlene and Dr. Alex Carballo-Dieguez

Maryellen Case of McaseMedia, which oversees Bespoke Magazine, toasts my camera

Joyce and Helen

Howard and Estelle Ivker Wallach

Bob and Amy Litzenberger on the right

Joyce, David Zoll and Mitch Towbin with Helen peeking in back

Responsible for this terrific event were Manager of Residential
Services Lauren Garzon, with Reservations and Communications
Manager Dawn Batson of the St Regis Hotel

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