Saturday, May 24, 2014

NANCY C. DONAHUE & HARRY KING'S Annual Fashion Reunion 2014

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Nancy C. Donahue and Harry King, hosts of the party with Joey Mills peeking in the back

Café Un Deux Trois was the place on May 19th, where Nancy C. Donahue and Harry King had their annual get together with friends from the fashion industry. The usual guests, well known names in the fashion/beauty field, plus an assortment of  "Supermodels" whose heyday encompasses every decade back to the 60s, greatly appreciate these reunions, and judging by their high spirited behavior, they all were truly hellbent into having a blast.

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Nancy, Joey Mills, Barrie Weinbaum, Linda Morand and Harry

John Phillips with Mom Linda

Hamid Bechin and Kim Charlton

Kim with Tony Spinelli

Tony and Yasmine Guenancia

Yasmine, Kim and Tony pose in back with Nancy in center and Cynthia Swearingen Klipstein holding the red wine

Nancy supported by Cynthia as she whoops it up!

Nancy seats atop Freddie Leiba with Liliana Cavendish and Joey

Harry's turn to sit on Nancy

Paul North Waters with precious doggie in hand

Michael Holder on the left, standing out from the crowd

Nancy smooches Mark Kalan

Tony, Alva Chin, and Harry

Jany Tomba, Coco Mitchell, and Joey Hunter

The two Lindas, Morand and Mason

Linda taken aback, with Shanti Patty Owen in an arm cast

Pam Geiger with hubby Jerry Minkow, and  Gerald Blanes, owner of Café Un Deux Trois

Roberto Ligresti, center, with Linda

Asia Janina Dyrkacz, Bhavaja Kat, and Lisa Crosby

Denise Walch with Linda

Joey Hunter, Barrie Blue, and friend

Steven Maginnis with Linda

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