Tuesday, June 10, 2014

AN EVENING OF OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR: Benefit Auction for the NY Center for Children

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Hand painted by children who are being helped by the NY Center for Children,
these fans were being sold to the guests as part of the fund raising

On June 3rd at Magnises, the Junior Committee of The New York Center For Children arranged a cocktail party with a silent auction to benefit an institution that is very dear to all the members' hearts.

Bettina Bennett and Mom-to-be Peyton Hostetler,
Co-Chairs of the Junior Committee of the NY Center for Children

Benefit Committee members Tiffany Koury-Ditcher, Alessandra Emanuel, Barbara Regna, and Aleksandra Cragg

The Junior Committee (JC) is dedicated to fighting child abuse and actively helps raising funds and awareness through a variety of educational, engaging and entertaining programs and events to benefit the New York Center for Children (NYCC), a child-friendly free clinic on the Upper East Side providing assessment and therapy services to victims of child abuse. Child abuse occurs with alarming frequency in New York City. One in three children experiences abuse by the time he or she is 18 years old and most often the perpetrator is someone the victim knows and trusts.

Christine Crowther, Administrative Director of NYCC

The NYCC is a privately funded, non-profit organization providing evaluations and therapy services to victims of child abuse and their families. By cooperating with New York’s social services and law enforcement agencies, NYCC helps investigations and prosecutions proceed more effectively with less trauma to children. NYCC also trains professionals who work with children to recognize and respond to the signs and symptoms of abuse and teaches children, parents and the public how to prevent abuse from occurring. All services are provided free of charge.

Juliet Herzberg, Jennifer Grubman, and Michelle Smoller

Maeve Judge and Bettina

Christine Crowther, Bobbi Smith, Sophie Smith, and Tamara Linde

Below are some items that were auctioned at the gathering

Barbara Regna, Linette Semino, and Michelle Smoller

Joel Ditcher and wife Tiffany Koury

Katya Libin and Amri Kibbler make an entrance with Claibourne Poindexter climbing up the stairs

Joel, Alyson Cafiero, Stephanie Gordon, Tiffany and Bettina

Susan and Jerry Baker cracking jokes with Alyson

Alessandra with Tiffany

By socializing and networking, the Junior Committee accomplishes a great deal, being led by one objective: fighting child abuse. Every member on the JC attends meetings regularly, makes worthwhile contributions, and commits to at least to one year of service. With original ideas and strong dynamism, the JC is making a significant impact in the community.

Framboise was the caterer of the event, serving Mediterranean dips
and mini sandwiches that were totally out of this world

Alessandra Emanuel will testify to that!

Sponsors of the event, Jeff and Paula Wozniak, showing off
delicious cocktails mixed with their company's
Super Juice Nation 

C. Gordon Beck, Maeve Judge, and Andrew Brooks

Bernard Martin and John Danger

John Thomas strikes a pose alongside Xanthe Ranger

Kolbrun Leosdottir, Marissa Priester, and Kristine Naylor

Maggie with Dr. Penny Grant, child abuse pediatrician

Jessica Garza, Sean Murphy, and Jessica Thompson

Blair Kwon and Maya Prejbisz, covering the event for Downtown Magazine

Larry Miller, Molly Hillenbrand, and Stephen Nanfava

John Thomas and Dr. Penny

Alessandra and Maggie

Guy Clark in 7th Heaven while flanked by
Barbara Regna and Aleksandra Cragg

Aleksandra, Harrison Morgan, and Barbara with a glimpse of Guy in the back

C. Gordon Beck jumping to get himself into the picture

Stephanie Gordon shows off her fan

Both Bettina and Maggie wearing Maggie's designs.
To read other articles about them, click on their names.

Harrison with Maggie

John Thomas and Whitney Larking about to do a fan dance

John searching both his pockets

Walter Deane, Bettina, Peter, and John

Valerie Lettan arrives

Maggie and Alyson with Barbara

Only Linette Semino wasn't coy about showing her face

Jessica Thompson does the evening's official greeting

Inson Wood with Bettina

Maggie with Peter and Barbara Regna

Halina Hofmann and Andrew Brooks

Maggie Norris with Andrew La Pera

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