Saturday, July 26, 2014

LES VACANCES: Summer Photos with Staley•Wise in Residence

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Exhibit Curator Béatrice Dupire next to Taki Wise and Etheleen Staley on the far right, representing Staley • Wise
Gallery in Residence, and between them, Frederique Thiollet, the mind behind Hotel Particulier in New York

On the rather sweltering July 22 evening, Hotel Particulier had an opening featuring Staley • Wise Gallery in Residence.

The works of photographers represented by the Staley • Wise gallery, George Holz, Denis Piel, Tim Hall, Patrick Demarchelier, Isabella Ginanneschi, Slim Aarons, David Seidner, Peter Basch, Harry Benson, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Sid Avery, Bruce Laurance, Arthur Elgort, Michael Dweck, David Lachapelle, André De Dienes, and Priscila Ratazzi were on display, curated by Béatrice Dupire.

Béatrice Dupire is an International Creative Consultant and Strategist Advisor for a roster of high profile clients in luxury, lifetstyle and contemporary art.

Founder of the International Festival of Fashion Photography in Paris, she came to New York as the curator of "Yves St Laurent, Forty Years of Creation" exhibition and book.

Director and Producer of commercials (Be Delicious Donna Karan/Estee Lauder) Béatrice Dupire's work is based on anticipation, alternative strategy and unique thinking .

She is the founder and Editor of "Th(e) Influencer" a luxury lifestyle Think Tank who customize research for .start-up to advertising agencies , and international Groups.Th(e) Influencer provide a curated network of artists and experts to propose strategic vision, cultural trends and creative direction.

Taki and Etheline arrange the promo collateral

Frederique and Béatrice with Bruno Thiery, Chief photo editor at Vocativ Internet Magazine

Artist siblings Gocha and Eteri Chkauda

Azin and Taki caught outside the gallery

Sarra Jane Piaf-Kelly with Taki

Etheleen and Fab Photog Andrea Blanch, who is also Founder and Editor in Chief of the digital Musée Mag, shot at two different angles while conversing.

Veronique Gautier-Vencat and designer Azin Valy

Béatrice and Veronique

Pepa Anastasio with Frederique and Katarina V. Posch

Bruno Thiery with Frederique and Pepa

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