Sunday, July 6, 2014

KHADIA at The Bitter End

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

July 1st was the date at The Bitter End, where Khadia had her solo performance to the delight of all present.

Khadia is an Alternative/Pop Recording Artist, Actress, Songwriter and Performer about to launch her debut Album/CD. Her music style which consists of strong guitars with a perfect contrast of beautiful melodic lines. Currently there are no African American singers filling this gap in the industry.

Khadia, a Washington, DC native, started out singing in choirs, playing clarinet and singing solos in Elementary and Middle school, when she started recording. From there, she formed an all girl-group called “Da Cuties”. They performed for different venues in the Washington DC area. She became well known for her singing ability and was voted “most likely to become rich and famous” in her high school yearbook. Since then, she studied vocal training at Levine school of music with Professor Riley, Celine Dion’s vocal coach, to name a few. In college she studied, acting and the music business while interning for record labels and recording studios in Philadelphia. Khadia was in several R&B/Pop girl groups, which helped her train her ear for harmonies. Chucky Thompson produced Khadia's first EP which really helped her to learn the recording process and what takes to write, produce and record a song from scratch. She learned how to sing with a band, choreography, and all around live performance singing in Dance or agency bands.

Khadia has already been afforded many opportunities such as performing around the world singing background vocals for Grammy Award winning recording artist, Mya. She has performed at venues such as the historic Bellagio Hotel and Casino, the beautiful Luxor resort and the magnificent O2 Arena in London. She has shared the stage with the legendary Run DMC and sang back-up for pop icon Prince at the legendary Indigo nightclub in London. She has also sung with R-Kelly and Janelle Monae to name a few. She's a union singer and is contracted out to sing background for network shows like X-factor and American Idol. She is also a session singer, and writer, and records songs for TV and Film.

Errickson Wilcox, MC at Yotel's Runway The Real Way, with Catherine Schuller, RTRW Fashion Curator 

Khadia draws influences from artists like Paramore, Pink, Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, but now she is ready for her moment in the spotlight. Her refreshing and explosive persona combined with her electrifying performance captivates her audiences. Very rarely are we fortunate enough to find an artist that successfully captures the essence of so many areas of popular music and molds them into her own.

Khadia has recently teamed up with StarMakers Productions and has completed her album. Their goal is to expose Khadia and her unique flair to the world and change lives in a way that only a select few have been able to do, not only through music but through other forms of media—they are currently constructing her live show, as well as creating a reality show centered around her journey as an international pop artist. Rarely does someone come along with not only the vast skill set and background that Khadia has, but also the fresh rejuvenating persona to appeal to millions around the world. Khadia will bring you to life.

“I want to be known for being a great performer and talented singer. I want to be a known as a respected actress that is well versed from comedy to drama. I want to have skin care sponsorships and for anything relating to congenital cataracts. I want to be able to travel and live for periods of time in other countries while promoting my music and other marketing tools like my book, “Dys-harmonies in a girl group”. I want to be honored with a Humanitarian Award and win at least one Grammy. I want to be voted best new artist at several different music award shows.”

Her future plans are to start an organization that supports emotionally disturbed children mentally, spiritually and financially. She has already taken steps towards completing this mission, having sung for churches in Soweto, South Africa, helping build libraries and donating clothes and toys to several orphanages. She also takes great pride in her local community, having performed for local senior nursing homes, DC Toys for Tots events during the holidays, singing the national anthem for Negro Baseball League Hall of Fame events and much more.

Lisa Greene from Luxury Hair Plus, Aamira Moore, and Tanya Tomlinson, Khadia's Hair stylist

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Claudia Nitkin did Khadia's make up, with Tania, and Khadia's Mom Sandra peeking from behind

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