Monday, November 3, 2014

CHRISTIAN SIRIANO: "Silhouette" Fragrance Launch

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Silhouette officially launched on Sept. 3, but for Fashion Week, Siriano opened a 16-day pop-up shop devoted to the fragrance at in the heart of the HiLine Park district, and has plans to take the concept to more cities nationwide.

"We wanted Silhouette to feel like it could be for every woman—she can be any size, any age, any shape, and it’s all about celebrating the silhouette of a woman."

Siriano used ideas from his own collections to design the vial. “We went for that kind of twisted, pleated gown appearance, which is something we do pretty often throughout the collections at least somewhere, so it’s become almost an iconic shape,” he says. “I love that the top is an unveiling of an under-piece. We do that a lot with our evening pieces with transparency and layers.”

Being in the lab was a learning process in the designing of the fragrance. Siriano says “Things I thought would smell good together sometimes didn’t, but the things I thought were unrelated–like oakmoss and grapefruit—ended up working really well.” Cassis, green apple, freesia, and purple berries were also included in the mix, with green and woody elements keeping the mix out of the cloying Zone.

Christian with Coco Rocha to his left who is the model appearing in the ad below and guest of honor at the launch

In the New York City store where the launching took place, Siriano included settings where guests could take images of their own silhouette. There was also a live plant wall containing all the different fragrances used in the perfume, and also spectacular gowns from past collections. The shop in New York is big, so it felt like going to an interactive space with lots of visuals from the campaign and the promo video created for the fragrance, which was projected onto the back wall.

Coco tries out the Silhouette screen

The going away gift was a wonderful chocolate bar
in the shape of the perfume flask

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