Tuesday, November 11, 2014


reporter/photographer: Miguel Dominguez

International dealers specializing in the art of traditional cultures came together for a group show in New York City. The Madison Ancient and Tribal Art (MATA) Fall 2014 show took place on November 8-11 at the Arader Gallery.

Other MATA locations included the prominent Pace Primitive, a leading gallery specializing in tribal art form Africa and Oceania; Arte Primitivo, and Hunt Fine Arts.

This year’s fall edition of MATA brought together a select group of dealers, exhibiting a wide range of art from Africa, Oceania, and Indonesia. With a focus on quality combined with both figurative and abstract aesthetics, this MATA exhibition captivated collectors, seasoned and new, and enthusiasts of Tribal Art as well as Fine, Modern, and Contemporary Art. MATA was attended by many collectors, from across the USA and abroad, who were in New York for the the anticipated sale of the Myron Kunin Collection of African Art at Sotheby’s

Madison Ancient & Tribal Art is an alliance of international dealers specializing in the art of traditional cultures. With an emphasis on figurative and abstract sculptures, the goal of MATA is to offer to new and seasoned collectors of traditional, modern and contemporary art an eclectic range of antique fine art and artifacts from the rich tribal cultures of Africa, Oceania, Indonesia, Asia and the Ancient Americas.

MATA invites collectors of modern and contemporary art and design to consider the beauty of non-Western sculpture both on its own terms and for its potential to compliment their collections.

The fall 2014 MATA exhibitors included Marc Assayag (African & Oceanic Art), Bruce Frank (African, Oceanic, and Indonesian Art), Patrick Mestdagh (Tribal Art), Michael Oliver (African Art), Michael Rhodes (African Art), James Stephenson (African Art), and Peter Michael Boyd.

Collector Michael Rhodes

Collector Marc Assayag

Collector Peter Michael Boyd

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