Tuesday, March 17, 2015

KRISTINA STAYKOVA: Post NYC Fashion Week 2015 - Fall/Winter show

reporter/photographer: Miguel Dominguez

On March 14, Fashion Avenue News Magazine arranged for a 3 designer show at The Ball NY Dance Studios. Owner Kristina Staykova, whose fashion business is Staykova Boutique, was the first designer to show.

Kristina learned to sew at a very young age. Her father had a habit of bringing home all kinds of useful things, typewriters, sewing machines, flat tires…. Kristina trained herself to test, repair and eventually put them back to good use. One happy afternoon she found herself sitting in front of a slick, German-made Singer sewing machine.

Before she knew it, she tamed the Singer and was making outfits for all her dolls, cousins and most importantly: Grandma. Grandma’s cocktail dress was a sight to behold. The only fabric available to her during those years behind the Iron Curtain in Communist-era Sofia consisted of old, worn out bed sheets.

Once Kristina started Ballroom Dancing the fashion sky was the limit…Her best friend at that time had been dancing for a year before. One day she took Kristina to the dance studio to show off and Kristina got hooked. Kristina was told she was too old—13—to start dancing. A year later she was discovered by a former national champion. He invited Kristina to be his partner and before long they were vice-champions of Bulgaria, representing the country in Blackpool and many other international events. Needless to say, Kristina was designing and making all her costumes.

Then the time came to attend university. The University of Buenos Aires was a great, wild, artistic experience. Lots of drawing, lots of Tango, not enough sleep…. Within a year Kristina was prepared for pretty much everything she would have to face from then on. Always wanting bigger and better, even before coming to America, Kristina was lucky enough to transfer to Los Angeles and continue studying Fashion Design on a full scholarship. As you can see, all the sewing paid off!

Just like with Bob Mackie, Kristina's gorgeous, sexy fashions are the tiniest hop away from the full fledged dancing costumes Kristina makes for professional ballroom dancers.

One last thing Kristina never forgot: 
Life is always more fun in a costume

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