Tuesday, May 12, 2015

STEPHEN HALL: Salon Gathering at his Studio

reporter/photographer: Miguel Dominguez

On April 30th, I was among a select number of important guests invited to view Stephen Hall's new works and a number of limited edition prints.

Gallery and Studio Magazine has called Stephen Hall, "One of our more exciting Pop Surrealists." He is an important figure in the New York Pop movement, is the subject of numerous articles including those in the New York Times and his work is avidly collected.

Curator Paul Calendrillo, at left,  arranged for the wonderful event, which felt
a lot more like a private gathering of family and friends, than an art opening

Stephen combines surrealistic imagination with modern form, deriving his inspirations from exotic cultures. He portrays their representatives, endowing them with slightly modern accessories in a complex bath of color and complexity. His artistic activity may be described as an attempt at restoring astonishment by way of an otherness. The Pop characteristics of advertising language are combined with a penetrating analysis of the paradoxes of modern culture. In his most current work, he explores the absurdity of man’s violence and his impact on nature. 

Stephen with wife Samantha

A double portrait of Sam

First class entertainment was provided by classical and flamenco guitarist, Gabby Abularach, best known as a guitarist for the american hard-core band Cro-Mags and European metal act - Phillip Boa’s Voodoocult. As a young teen he recorded a guitar on the 1982 Real Men Don't Floss The Young and the Useless

Paul Calendrillo New York will make available a limited number of prints of Stephen's extraordinary current work.Visit to view photos of his paintings and email Paul at You may also reach him by phone at 908 875-0149.

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