Monday, February 18, 2013

Couture Fashion Week Fall/2013: ALPHADI

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Alphadi is a notable Nigerian fashion designer often known as the "Magician of the Desert". He is Touareg on both his parents sides. Alphadi was born inTimbuktu, Mali, but moved to his parents native Niger at a young age.

Alphadi studied at Cardon Savard Studios in Paris, started his label in 1984, and his first haute couture line was released in 1985 at the Paris International Tourism Tradeshow. His line has since extended into sportswear and perfume. The Alphadi line, which has 'Complexe Alphadi' boutiques in Niamey, Ivory Coast and Paris, has won the 1998 Prince Claus Awards as well as numerous others. In 1998, he created the first FIMA, the International Festival of African Fashion which was located in Niger.

Alphadi maintains production facilities in Niamey and Morocco, and splits his time between homes in Niamey and Paris.

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