Tuesday, April 8, 2014

WE KISS THE JOY AS IT FLIES: Elisa Lejuez art exhibit

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

S Artpace Gallery presented the second solo show of the Arubian artist Elisa Lejuez in New York on March 21.

This exhibition featured a selection of her new collection "We kiss the joy as it flies" in which she was inspired by the basic authentic Zen philosophy of enlightenment and total awareness of the moment. Elisa's process is intuitive and meditative and goes beyond her mind-enclosed egos. You will discover a composition made of spontaneous gestures, a deeper dimension of reaching new forms. "I'm engaged in a spiritual quest, a secular search for wholeness and see my process of making art as a kind of meditation."says Lejuez.

Her work explores a world of shapes, patterns and colors that incorporate her global heritage; the Dutch Caribbean islands, the Netherlands, China, Africa and India. Elisa's style is characterized by a striking use of colors, acrylic paint and the technique of silk screen. Every new collection opens up and illuminates her creative process.

Karin Swiers of Media Minds Communications and her video team about to interview Elisa for Aruba Television

Thorsten Schmidt appreciating both Elisa's art and a glass of sparkling wine

Catherine Testorf and Elizabeth Rosso, gallery directors, flanking Elisa

Ed Malone, Public Relations Representative in North America for the Aruba Tourist Authority, with Elisa

Elizabeth and Claudia Glasser

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