Sunday, July 8, 2012

JEEVES Services - As Close to Curatorial As One Can Get!


Gerald von Pozniak, General Manager

For over 31 years, Jeeves has been serving the New York City community. When founded in 1969 in New York City, there was no luxury dry cleaner. In the beginning, Jeeves was the only luxury dry cleaning brand in New York, but the previous owners lost focus and a few couture cleaners entered the marketplace. Jeeves advantage now is that they continue to offer the most customized personalized service. The most trends in the luxury market are for "hand crafted luxury goods." Jeeves concentrates on the hand-craftsmanship in the cleaning of couture, bespoke and wedding dresses.

Jeeves is responsible for the cleaning of the entire wardrobe of the Metropolitan Opera, and also for the backstage cleaning of the costumes for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in the last 2 years. Jeeves also offered backstage support for Fashion of Relief hosted by Naomi Campbell for Haiti. A few years ago, they cleaned two priceless Balenciaga Gowns for the Louvre Museum's Balenciaga retrospective.

Gerald Von Pozniak shows off a Donna Karan gown with Client Services Associate
Patrick Jordan and Assistant Manager Paola Fernandez in the background

CO2 dry cleaning, hand laundry, wedding Dress cleaning and museum preservation, repair and cleaning of couture, beaded, sequined and feathered gowns, suede and leather, fur cleaning and glazing, repairs and alterations, shoe and handbag repair, invisible weaving, ties, plus winter storage are some of the very high end services Jeeves provides to their customers, including complimentary delivery to most of Manhattan below 125th Street.

Metropolitan Opera's costume for
Madama Butterfly

Oscar De La Renta's feather and appliqué gown

Sequins are no problem for Jeeves

Notable awards and achievements from Jeeves services are New York Magazine's Best of NY 2011, The Perfect Suit, the Robb Report. Also, Time Out New York, Men's Health, Bloomberg TV and Good Morning NY.

Jeeves has been involved with collecting prom dresses for Operation Fairy Dust, which were cleaned for free and were distributed to disadvantaged high school girls in NYC.

New York Magazine cited Jeeves
as "Best of New York 2011"
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