Sunday, July 8, 2012

SHOEBOX STUDIO by Stephane Coutelle Book Signing

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Stephane Coutelle

On June 21st, at Clic Bookstore & Gallery, Stephane Coutelle was at hand to sign his latest book release Shoebox Studio, featuring haunting, plain portraits (no make-up, hairstyling or even fancy lighting) of achingly young, aspiring models upon their first arrival to Paris.

This book follows the previous publication of Me Myself and I, a self portrait photo book. Other photo projects include Insommies (2010 − 2012), The Corner (1998 − 2002), and Three Sisters (1989 − 1995.)

French photographer and painter, Stephane is renown for his glorious female portraits. He has very successfully combined Fine Art with a commercial career, focusing on Photograpy for the last ten years, which has stablished him as one of the Beauty and Fashion Industry’s leading photographers.

Stephane with some of his fellow co-workers

Stephane in front of three of his very plain, yet mesmerizing portraits of would be models upon their first arrival to Paris

Stephane explaining to his daughter, who is in the "WHY?" stage of life at the moment, the reason for signing the book.

Some of Stephane's models dropped by to congratulate him, adding lots of Glitz to the book signing

Friend Vernon Steward being shot by Stephane's little darling

Stephane with model Ana Vivian

Vernon trying to give a book to Stephane for signing

Stephane's good friend Steven Mackinney thrilled at having his book signed

Shawn R. Brydges and Stephane greet!

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