Tuesday, August 7, 2012

INSIDER ART: Christie's 13th Annual Staff Exhibition

reporter: Miguel Dominguez


Christie’s 13th annual exhibition of Insider Art took place on July 31st at their Rockefeller Plaza headquarters. Since 2000, Christie’s NY has celebrated the summer with this astounding group show, offering the public a wonderful opportunity to view the seriously gifted talent often concealed in the background within the world’s leading art business. Gifted artists can be found within many departments throughout Christie's, including Marketing, IT, Client Service, Christie’s International Real Estate, and the art handlers

Insider Art will offer collectors at all levels a chance to purchase stunning works of art at approachable prices. Visit Christie’s at 20 Rockefeller Plaza from July 31 – August 21 for the unique opportunity to connect with emerging artists before their work becomes the next record-breaking sale.

Christie's Administrative Assistant
Theresa Keil, with her photos

Chris Myers, Patti Slobogin, Jaclyn Baldari, Coulter D. Young III,
Theresa Keil, Jacqueline Francis and Ellen Decarmine

Christine Linder's Gardening on 5th Avenue

Baritone Christopher DeVage

Highlight of the evening were Baritone Christopher DeVage and Composer/Conductor Brian Holman, who regaled the "Art Crowd" with the sort of perfomance one usually expects at such places as Carnegie Hall

DeVage was accompanied at the piano by Composer/Conductor Brian Holman

Yuma,  Kaoru, Printmaker Maho in front of her work, and Maki

Brittany Schmid, Christie's associate Producer Aubrey Strickland and Sarah Foster

Christie's Audio Visual Supervisor Michael Kastendieck
was the announcer for the performances of the evening

There's always one in a crowd

Kudos to Jill Moroh, Director of Catering at Food Merchants Café, one of the Rockefeller Plaza area
caterers that sponsored the event. After all the other sponsors closed their stations, she tirelessly braved
the crowds to keep replenishing the Café table with demitasses of their unbelievable avocado soup,
and shrimp salad served in spoons. Behind her to the left, are two paintings by Avery Daily

If BOE (Brooklyn Oenology) must be faulted, is that they didn't foresee how their selection of  delicious
wines would become so popular at the exhibit, therefore having their station undermanned. But then
again, to call the amount of revelers "Capacity Crowd," would be a gross understatement

Douglas Goldberg's Canary

Offerings by La Maison du Chocolat simply flew off the table before the event was half way over.
Even faster went the reputedly delicious looking cupcakes by Bouchon Bakery.
Never got the chance to taste them, but their macarons were out of this world

Giovanni Caravaggio's  Love You Untill Death...

Terence Ragasa's Lizz

Christie's Staff with works on display:

Stuart Alexander / Jacquelyn Autrey / Daniel Bina / Aaron Black / Alicia Brooks / Jessica Brozyna /Giovanni Caravaggio / Keith Carlisle / Jean-Paul Chatellenaz / Hortencia Cisneros / Shirley Dauo / Juan Ponce DeLeon / Julie Drennan / Lado Dzneladze / Elizabeth Eichholz / Jessie Edelman / Sara Fendley / Don Fisher / Jason Fox / Lynn Fylak / Eliot Glenn / Elise Glick / Douglas Goldberg / Ryan Goolsby / Jannah Greenblatt / William Gregory /Matt Held / Douglas Ho / Rhea Karam / Michael Kastendieck / Ardalan Keramati / Paula Kowalczyk / Tatiana Kronberg / Vivian Kumana / Sophia Jackson / Ian Joseph / Sophie Larrimore / Jonathan Laib / Christine Linder / Daphne Lingon / Simeon Lipman / Mimi Luse / Luis Maldonado / Frank Miller / Dominique Morales / Matthew Nichols / Lily Oh / Ewa Orzechowska / Helen Paik / John Parnell / Lindsey Platek / Tina-Marie Poulin / Carleigh Queenth / Terry Ragasa / Peter Raho / Christopher Santacroce / Sarah Shepard / David Schlegel / Martin Schott / Mia Simring / Cathy Sledz / Lenard Smith / DeeWayne Sowels / CK Swett / Macy Trinh-Chung / Julio Vega / Hartley Waltman / Shirley Wells / Gretchen Yagielski

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