Friday, August 3, 2012

THE MARKETS OF PARIS by Marjorie R. Williams Book Signing

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

The publishing of Markets of Paris, 2nd edition, was the reason Author Marjorie R. Williams had a book signing at Rizzoli NY on July 25th. Unfortunately, her Co-author Dixon Long was not at hand to share the happy event.

Informative and time-saving, Markets of Paris leads to over 120 food markets, as well as flea, antiques, crafts, fabrics, antiquarian books, and other hobbyist markets. Chock full with photos, Markets of Paris gives all the information one needs to build an itinerary–whether for a single afternoon or an entire month–around the best Parisian markets.

In cahoots with Author Marjorie R. Williams (holding book) in the publishing of The  Markets of Paris, 2nd Ed., are Publisher Linda Hollick, Marketing Manager Nick During, and Editor Angela Hederman

Some highlights from the Guide:

Foodies can choose from among 70 open-air food markets (3 of which are all-organic), 10 covered food markets, and 12 pedestrian market streets, plus suggestions of specialties to look for once there
Shoppers interested in flea & antiques markets, fabrics, books, stamps, birds & flowers, and other specialty markets will find over 30 locations to explore
The section “If You Have Limited Time” directs visitors to interesting markets near where they’re staying
“Open on Sunday” helps shoppers make the most of their weekend
Helpful tips on do’s and don’ts that aren’t always obvious to visitors

Marjorie proudly shows off her highly researched guide book.

Stephen Sanna with Marjorie's publicist Beth Grossman and Marjorie

“A wonderful book. . . . The book is more than a listing of where to locate open and roving markets—it helps you narrow down which ones are better, what personality each market has, and what you can expect to find at your favorite.” —BonjourParis

Beth with Rick Lin, Marjorie and Evan Zazula

Marjorie here with Joseph Cook and Mitchell Seligman

“Markets of Paris catalogs every market in the city, from the fresh meat and produce stalls of the open-air Marche Barbes to the quaint fabric vendors of the Marche Saint-Pierre. It’s a perfect guide to a quintessentially romantic feature of the city that’s often difficult for visitors to navigate.”
—Culture & Travel

Marjorie talks about her research and takes questions

Edward and Patricia Faber of Aaron Faber Gallery NY, display their individual copies of Marjorie's Guide Book

“The Markets of Paris guidebook navigates the City of Light not through its monuments or art galleries, but by relating the history and charms of its neighborhood marketplaces. — AFAR Magazine

Journalist Eric Copage at hand to congratulate Marjorie
Edward Faber stands guard next to Marjorie
A typical Parisienne Market repast went perfect with the book signing

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