Monday, October 1, 2012

Fashion Night Out - Fall 2012: EFVA ATTLING

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

 Efva in double vision
Fashion Night Out for me ended at the High Line Park District, where the neighborhood was teeming with the kind of crowd one would expect on Halloween in the West Village. I made it a point to finish the evening at Efva Attling's jewelry store, having been tipped by Rizzoli Books that the newly published Antonio book was being presented there.

Downstairs was as crowded as it could be, so I made my way to the second story, just in time to see the space getting filled with Efva's close friends for a more relaxed time socializing.

Efva Attling was born in Stockholm. She made her first piece of jewelry when she was only eleven years old. By the age of sixteen she was a pupil of one of Sweden’s greatest silversmiths. When Eileen Ford spotted her, a twelve year long modelling career began. Efva worked as a model in Milan, Paris, London and with Ford Models in New York.

Having music in the family, Efva started a band in 1981, called the X Models. The band had a hit ballad in the 80s, "Two of us", which Efva composed. While she kept on writing, singing and releasing records, she was also working with design of different kinds. Efva has designed clothes for big, international brands such as Levi’s and H&M, and she also had her own line of maternity wear - "Pretty Pregnant."

In the year of 1996, Efva went back to her origins: working with silver, gold and precious stones. Efva’s specialty is playing around with words and expressions. ‘And as I used to write lyrics, I still want to move people with words. I call my design “Beauty with a Thought.”

Efva Attling's US manager Karin Boman with Recording Artist Eva Dahlgren 

Evil needs to be beautiful, the better to seduce the innocent.
What better casting for that, than Swedish transplant Helena Mattsson, a welcome reveler to the soiree,
who plays a dangerous meanie in the new Tv series 666 Park Avenue.

In 2010, Efva Attling became the very first winner of a Guldknappen Award in the category Accessories. This prestigeous fashion design award is organized by the Swedish magazine Damernas Värld. The jury's motivation was: "A glorious combination of personal design and inspiring thoughts about life is this multi-talent’s signature. The Efva Attling brand has a strong identity and is recognized by everyone. Efva Attling goes straight into Swedish Fashion history as the first winner of the Guldknappen 2010 Accessories Award."

Upstairs from the shop was where Efva's closest friends chose to have their very intimate gathering

Interiors Stylist/Men's Wear Designer Joel Yapching lends Efva a helping hand with the refreshments

End of an evening that will be always remembered

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