Monday, March 11, 2013


reporter: Miguel Dominguez

On March 4th, Hijo Nam had a showing of her incredibly elegant painting/sculptures at The Gabarron Foundation, an art promoting organization located in a converted carriage house on the east side of Midtown Manhattan

Nam’s Cycle of Nature is a construction made of a circular metal form whose inner parameter contains a bent wooden semi-circular element held at intervals with metal clips. In its center there is another tondo that can be read as the earth, sun, moon or other natural entity that has to do with astronomy.

Hijo with José A. Munguia  and Cris Gabarron, president of the Gabarron Foundation

Hijo Nam’s works are inspired by spiritual motifs and monumental landscapes such as the Jiri Mountain in S. Korea, Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon that invoke in her the sounds of the soul. Consequently, Nam has taken these inspirations from nature, and found special qualities in scrap metals to create a universal message of soundless yet soulful sound. Nam wanted to communicate spirituality to her viewer rather than use heavy substances that may have conveyed negativity. Nam collects and reuses scraps of metal, wood, paper, wrappers, wine screens,string, and other so called detritus giving it new life by incorporating it into a work of fine art.

Hijo with two of her show's curators Thalia Vrachopoulos and Sue Chung Koh

Joseph Paul Fox

Noushin Ehsan with friend Ramona Bechtos

Alfonsina Romero, Ina and Venera Tarba

Julia, Aga and Liz Silva

Sian Bethel and BDoll

Sian and Pamela Peeters get shot

Eric Slater greets Pamela the Continental way

Hijo stands by one of the pieces that make up her tetraptych as she listens
to the wonderful sounds of classical guitar, being played by Michael Donahue

Nam earned her BFA and MFA at Pratt Institute and has exhibited nationally and internationally at prestigious venues in solo and group shows.

Joyce Chasan and Patricia Duarte

Laura Opdenaker and Andreas Viteli

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