Sunday, July 21, 2013

TANGO Celebration

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

On May 2nd at the Consulate General of Argentina, there was a wonderful celebration of the art of Tango, featuring artist Patricia Linenberg, photographer Luis Rokeach, and dancers Raul Divorato and Geraldine Bishop.

Patricia Linenberg's exhibit was titled TANGO. Intimacies Beyond The Boundaries

Luis Rokeach's photo display went by the name of Soul of Tango

Patricia elaborates on one of her pieces to Frances F. L. Beatty

General Council of Argentina José Luís Perez Gavilondo, Luís, and Patricia
said a few words to the public before the dance show started.

General Council of Argentina José Luís Perez Gavilondo samples a vintage from his native land

Also at the Consulate the NORTE Y SUR event took place on June 12th. CLICK HERE to read the article.

To see more photos of this event, CLICK HERE

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