Saturday, May 5, 2012

DVANDE Art Exhibit

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

On May 3rd at the Keyes Art Projects, located at 551 West 21st Street, 4th Floor, the 2012 exhibition of Daniel V. Anderson ("DVANDE") art work took place. It was a nice affair, with rather important people in the art world and the movie industry attending.

Artist Daniel V. Anderson and Julie Keyes of Keyes Art Projects

Born in 1979, DVANDE has redefined the concept of “mixed media” by taking the ideas of motion and energy to a new grade. His very three dimensional mixed media artwork incorporates color, form, motion and energy. He creates unique textures and visually arresting abstracts. His work has been described as "hanging sculptures." He creates a great deal of privately commissioned works, which have generated interest from many art and media outlets. His art is most often featured at exhibits sponsored by Black Tie magazine. At Syracuse University he earned a degree in Fine Arts. He also studied painting in Florence, Italy at the Piazza del Arte.

Artist Martin Penrose with DVANDE
Actress and art curator Elisa London, Blair Seagram,
Amreeta Sareen, a very happy Julie and Beth Swanstrom
Nancy Fisher gives us a kiss while needing to be held back by Julie
Jeanne Yim, DVANDE, David Quaranta and Himkar Tak
Chris Whitaker studying one of DVANDE's art pieces
Santo Bongiorno, DVANDE and Chris Whitaker

Keyes Art Projects develops exhibitions by a new artist every month. Curator Julie Keyes, hand-picks innovative upcoming artists to show. Renown in the industry, Keyes' work in contemporary American art has been extensive.

Enrico Ciotti, Brian Beck, DVANDE and DJ Jaffe
Alex Aurichio and art consultant Jill Zdanow with Julie
Jack and Emily Keyes with DVANDE
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