Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NOTHING TO WEAR Body Paint Exhibit

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Body painted models
April 27th was when the launch for Alfonsina Romero’s Closet Room collection of closets and accessories at Milan Luxury Home, in SoHo, took place.

Closet Room Designer Alfonsina Romero with Make-Up artist Lukas Bowman
and Hair Stylist Rolando Cevallos in front

Displaying Mina's Jewelry
Models roamed about and posed at the Red Carpet, displaying their body painted outfits as they showed off the one of a kind jewelry pieces designed by Mina D Jewelry, and Pamela Quinzi’s Fantasy shoes, fit to be worn only with the highest of High Fashion evening wear.

Muralists, Faux Finishers and Body Painters Michaelangelo and Leah Menna,
responsible for turning the event's models into live works of art
Michaelangelo and Leah Menna, the body painters, were not to be outdone by the stylized glitz created by Janeen Zinna, of La Mode Trouve. Looking at the photos, one finds it very hard to tell where the paint starts beyond the garments being worn. Make-up artist Lucas Bowman and Paris Salon Hair completed the look.

Alfonsina Romero with
Shoe Designer Pamela Quinzi
 In the center, Jewelry Designer Mina D, with models
Necklace by Mina D.
Alfonsina and Stylist Janeen Zinna, club sandwiched between Faux painted models
Rolando Cevallos with Publicist Amelia Meloni
Make-Up artist Lucas Bowman with model he gilt on the left
Artist Leah Menna with her body painted models

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Alfonsina said...

Awesome footage! thank you miguel.

Miguel Dominguez said...

Thanks Alfonsina. It was a lot of fun!